Thursday, January 8, 2015

What I am Currently Reading

     The Civil Wat Centennial of 1961 absorbed me, and that era of history still does. My parents took us to Gettysburg. My music teacher refused to tell me the words to "Hang Jeff Davis from a Sour Apple Tree".
     My interest in history began by listening to great storytellers, among them my father, other relatives, and their friends and neighbors. In 1958  attended several events about Pittsburgh's bicentennial, including re-enactors ar Fr. Ligonier (including actual Native Americans).
     Even though my genetic pool was far away from these events,  remain keenly interested in them. Pam gave me a book for Christmas by A.J. Langguth, consisting of essays about keep figures in that part of American history after Lincoln's assassination.

     Had Lincoln served out his second term, I am convinced that America would have been spared much of the division and turmoil  that occurred later. With two new semester about to start, and anything else to be done for my forthcoming poetry book, finding time to read this book will be scarce, but it is a safe bet to figure that I will finish it sooner than later.

    So why didn't I major in history as an undergraduate? That is for another blog post!

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