Saturday, January 24, 2015

How do Poems Happen?

Each one is unique. Once in a while I dream them. At other times they come quickly, but this time it takes some reflecting. I have been wanting to write about Savannah since we came back a month ago. Since I was challenged to participate in the 15 Words a Day, I decided to string a few days' writing together.

Here is the result. I received a lot of good feedback, and will rewrite this in a different form. Wordsworth defined poetry as "emotion recollected in tranquility," and not, I hasten to add, "words spewed over paper or a word document about why your feelings within semblance of coherence". 

Whenever I have something, I will run it buy a few good friends and see what they say. 

Pastel-colored houses
cluster around squares
in the planned city.
Under the streets are graves.

Cemeteries cannot contain
them; in masses they are cast
below, the city expanding above them.

Close to the strand
pirates smuggle contraband
on the periphery
of the well-planned colony.

Money from plantations
and harbors pouring into
impressive homes.
Beautiful facades masking
madness, scandal within.

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