Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Wonderful Break Ends...But Something Begins

     It has been a wonderful two weeks, but work resumes tomorrow. For me that means teaching on the secondary and (as an adjunct), post-secondary levels. I enjoy what and where I teach, and I also enjoy opportunities to serve as a supply pastor or priest in local parishes. Pam and I got away for a few days to Savannah, Georgia, and want to return!
     But I have really enjoyed communicating with fellow writers in one way or another.
     Friday I had lunch with Al Black, author of  most recently "I Only Left For Tea" A transplant from the North like me, he is also at home in South Carolina and we discovered more in common as we shared a meal and conversation.
     Several times Stephanie Weisend and I messaged about people we met, poems we read. Check out her musings at her Facebook page, Writerly Digest. She has kept The Writerly Digest open on Facebook, where I co-moderate, but her new improved site is awesome!
     Additionally I enjoyed corresponding with old and new friends, seeing family, and celebrating Christmas! Some Savannah poems are slowly percolating. I leave with a picture of Jerusalem Lutheran Church, Rincon, Georgia, built by Salzburg Lutheran refugees, and a picture of my favorite restaurant in Savannah!


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