Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pending Publication in Altpoetics!

     One of the great things about writing is being published, and when you meet interesting people, that is even better! Kenyatta JP Garcia told me earlier this evening that he would like to publish a poem of mine and a prose piece, a short essay, in Alpoetics. 
     If you do not know of this publication, you should definitely check it out. Kenyatta searches for good pieces in all styles and genres. This will be my fourth publication here, and thrills me no end! One can even subscribe for an e-mail delivery each month, which I encourage you to do. I also encourage people to submit, especially one friend of mine!
     The prose piece has appeared on a Facebook page about the community in which I attended high school, and talks about a pivotal time in my life when one person did something that made a difference neither he nor I realized at the time. That should make us pause when we have opportunities to influence someone's life in a positive way. Before we build a campfire and sing "Kum ba ya" (I can hear the cynics sigh), let me give you the link to Alpoetics' latest issue. If you type my name into the search box, you can see my earlier submissions.
Thanks, Kenyatta!

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