About half of my life has been spent in various parts of Pennsylvania. I was born in Pittsburgh, and spent 11 years south of there in the Monongahela Valley. My family moved to suburban Philadelphia, where I went to high school.
     Most of the time since has been spent in New Mexico, California, Virginia, South Carolina, and Germany, although I did live for another 13 years in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia itself and Luzerne County.
     My career path has been bi-vocational; I am a Lutheran pastor and Army chaplain (Retired Reservist with veteran status) and educator on secondary and post-secondary levels. I have taught twenty years on the secondary level in Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and more recently, South Carolina. Additionally,  have taught about 30 classes as an adjunct instructor at two-year and four-year colleges in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. 
     I wrote a lot of poetry when younger, then I took a 20-year break, and resumed around 2002. 
eLectio Publishing released my first book of poetry, "Places and Times" in April 2015. Sine then I have been giving readings and appearing at author events.
    If you would like the purchase the book, I suggest buying from the publisher, since that is the best deal: 
     However, if buying from amazon, Barnes & Noble, or another vendor makes better sense for you, please do that. I thank you very much and ask that you also review it on Amazon or Goodreads. 

     Currently I live in the Midlands of South Carolina with or near my family. Thanks for stopping by to learn some more about me. 
     I have author pages at Goodreads and Amazon, and my e-mail is aturfa@aol.com


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