Wednesday, June 30, 2021

One Day from Cover Reveal: "The Botleys of Beaumont County"

      Wait till you see what Carol Worthington-Levy has created!

       The novel will be on Blurb later in July. See how a once-prominent family adapts to changes in the early 21st Century in a small southeastern town.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Cover Reveal of "The Botleys of Beaumount County" July 1

 My first novel will be available on Blurb next month. Carol Worthington-Levy has created another stunning cover. Need I say more? 

It's a story about a once-prestigious family in a small southeastern town caught up in changes during the early 21st century.  Not everyone is ready for the new century, but it is here, and here to stay.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

"The Botleys of Beaumont County" Cover Almost Finalized

     I haste to tease, but I finally found a better picture of me to send to Carol. Maybe next week we will reveal it. As usual, she did her amazing creative work.

   More about this award-winning artist:

And my/our books (she created the cover, too):

Saturday, June 12, 2021

So Where Is "The Botleys of Beaumont County" actually Set?

     Authors have to make a decision about the place. Robert B. Parker usually selected Boston for Spenser to solve crimes. Raymond Chandler placed Marlowe in Los Angeles. 

     What about Slerd Botley? Beaumont county is in the Southeastern United States. While the story could take place anywhere, I set it broadly within the region where I have lived since 2005. Legally since 2004, but I was deployed to Germany then. 

     William Faulkner had his Yoknapatawpha County, which really was the Mississippi Delta (where my wife worked for a few years, by the way ). John Updike based his Brewer on Reading, PA. I started reading him in earnest during my seminary internship there. 

     Not that I consider myself anywhere near the equal of these writers, but the latter two have particularly inspired me. Creating a fictional place, roughly based on a real place, gives me some latitude. 

     One nice thing is that I can add enough detail to be authentic, but I can be a little flexible now and then.

     Will I keep writing in this manner? Who can say? First, let me get this book out. And it will be soon, and it will be on Blurb.

   Can't wait to read something from me.? Links to my poetry: Pictures of most of them!

Monday, June 7, 2021

Finished the almost-last Proofread for the Botleys!

    Now to do it over again this week! Carol is close to finalizing the cover! 

    It will be on Burb!

 Until then, some of our work on Blurb, where the Botleys will be also!

     My other books:

      More of Carol's artistry:

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Getting Closer to the Botley Cover Reveal


    I know this sounds like a tease, but the cover is almost finished. My creative partner, Carol Worthington-Levy, asks me what I envision for a cover. After I let her know, she does something a thousand times better! And it looks nothing like what I suggested. 

    Here are a few of her amazing covers for my poetry books:

    No links to purchase tonight. They are all at the usual vendors, but Accents is exclusively on Amazon KDP.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Cover for "The Botleys of Beaumont County" Comes Closer!

      As I am proofreading for the final time, and as an author friend does the same, Carol Worthington-Levy is working her magic again on the cover. 

     In a few weeks I hope to reveal the cover. And shortly after that, the book itself!

     Until then, some of our work on Blurb, where the Botleys will be also!

     My other books:

      More of Carol's artistry:

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