Monday, January 19, 2015

Perfect Song for MLK Day

     Jesse Colin Young is an excellent songwriter, so I was shocked to learn that he did not write the Youngbloods' "hit", "Get Together". That honor goes to Chet Powers, better known as Dino Valenti, more famous for his time with Quicksilver Messenger Service. Life is certainly full of surprises!

     Some half-century after it was written (the song went through a few title changes and versions), the message may seem trite, but the motivation behind it is definitely anything but that. If we stopped looking at people as enemies, adversaries,  and as deluded people not as savvy as we are, maybe we would learn something from them. Perhaps we could even put aside the animosity and get on with our own lives.

     Enjoy the song! Thanks, Dino and Jesse! 

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