Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A Pending Honor......

      One of my several alma maters wants to do a Mini-Profile on me for their alumni magazine. I suspect I know what brought this about, and I am deeply honored. More later when it comes out in the coming weeks.

     A friend was going to nominate me for a distinguished alumnus of our high school; she is a distinguished alumna, and rightly so. I remember filling out some forms, and whether she did not have the time to pursue it, or whether the school recoiled in disgust, I do not know. That does not matter so much to me, although I have fond memories of that place and those days, and keep in touch with many friends.

     All the same, a very nice honor is coming my way, and amidst everything else that is going on, it is nice to know that good things happen. Theologically, I call it grace!

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