Monday, October 4, 2021

D-2...Not a Military Operlation..It's a Move!

     On Wednesday my wife and I will move from the place we have lived the longest in our marriage: a month shy of 12 years.

     We have enjoyed the two wooded acres in a quiet subdivision. I have walked the roads and woods with two dogs in that time, and took care of two cats,. Our current dog and cat will be boarded for about two days at the vet's swanky kennel while we move. 

     I have endured long commutes to schools and congregations but also written all of my books here. My wife has served a two=point Lutheran parish ably and honorably. Her retirement causes us to leave the area. 

      We are only going to the next county, 28 miles//c. 45 km. It is a larger house on a quarter of the land and is in a quiet, pleasant subdivision. Not only will we be closer to shopping, doctors, and the like, but more importantly close to our son and his family, especially our grandson.

     Until we get the Internet up and running, I will sign off. It might be a few days, but I cannot wait to get to D + 2!

     Back view of the house!

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