Monday, February 16, 2015

How do poems happen? Part two

     Some people may think that we poets sit around in bistros or sidewalk cafés all day and night producing a poem. Another misconception is that poetry flashes into our minds and we wake up in the middle of the night or stop what we are doing and write it down in a trance of inspiration.

     While I have hung out in places, and have dreamed a poem or two, the reality is not as exciting. A few weeks ago there were two themes I wanted to write a poem about. One theme was a variation of other themes, and evolved out of a few other poems. The second represents a new category entirely for me.

     I wrote down some rough drafts, went about the week's work and other activities, and then went to the desktop. One was pretty much typed as I wrote it by hand, the other changed its form.

     What next, you wonder? I might send the first off to a small group of more serious poets, whose anonymity I wish to preserve, for some critique. As for the second, I will keep where it is, and likely as it is. There are a few more in that style swimming around in my head.

     Additionally, I participate in the 15 Words a Day on Google+. Some of them might become something else. Actually, I strung together a few of them for a Savannah, Georgia,  poem. Last October's National Poetry Writing Month (napowrimo) was useful; a friend encouraged me to participate.

     The image is of an oracle. There is no poetic oracle, but I do talk form time to time about the Castlaian springs on Mt. Parnassus in Arcadia.

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