Friday, January 29, 2021

Yesterday I Watched Two Civil War Pieces on Amazon Prime Video

     What attracted me to The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams was that it is set in Richland County, SC, where I lived and worked. The title character is actually played by a descendant. So far so good.

     The acting is uninspired and the plot jumps back-and-forth in time, As a result, it is hard to follow the thread of the story. There is a touch of revisionism in the longing for the Old South, which I suppose one would have if one's ancestors were white and well-off.

     My wife and I met, married, and lived in Virginia for a time. We visited the New Market Battlefield Park and saw their movie. 

     This one is better, with an excellent cast. However it showed the revisionism all-too-common these days, The cadets and others are shown being opposed to slavery, but fighting anyway to "protect their homes". 

     Virginia was the last state to secede, and the anti-slavery sentiment was to the west of Lexington, VA, in what became West Virginia.   I shake my head when Confederate characters talk about defending their country. They had one, but left it! And then they wonder what all the fuss is about!

      Full disclosure: my ancestors arrived after the Civil War, and I was born in Pennsylvania. 


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