Saturday, July 18, 2020

A Very Nice Honor from Wonderful Community of Poets

     Once upon a time Google+ hosted all sorts of poets' communities. Then Google+ went away, and the Diaspora began. Poet's Dream is a wonderful place where a world-wide collection of serious poets meets.That is what makes this honor so special to me.

from Elusive Me:

Good Morning Poets Dream Members,
It is my honour to choose from all of the wonderful, colourful, expressive and challenging poetry lodged for the 'She walks in beauty' line challenge.
I once again found it difficult to choose as truthfully there were three that I felt were outstanding for different reasons. Sometimes I imagine people are disappointed for not being chosen and I wish that I could choose more than one at times because there are poets who are constantly blessing me with their talents and inspiring me to push myself also.
Today's choice, after changing my mind three times, is of course brilliant and beautiful and lingering...and therefore I could not let this moment pass without honouring this poet and his poem.
I think most of your know Arthur Turfa. He has been particularly encouraging, supportive of many poets, and hardworking in many communities on G+. It can be tiring and sometimes takes from your own creative flow to support communities by being an owner or an admin (so I big thank you to all who do and give generously of their time).
Arthur is a published poet, has been a teacher in the field for many years, and is in short, a generous soul who imparts goodwill and encouragement as he shares his own walk as a poet.
I hope you will take some time and read his poem below, and let him know what you liked about it and give back some encouragement.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
She walks along ordinary ways,
her inherent beauty streaming
from her. All that she is colors
the mundane scenes surrounding
her. No sculptor, no painter, no
poet could replicate all that she is,
all that emanates from her aspect,
her spirit, her essence. Blessed am
I to behold and render thanks for
the glimpse of beauteous form.
Arthur Turfa, © 2020
A very special thanks to each and everyone who contributes to these prompts, as a poet, a reader, who comments or emojis posts and to the owner and admin team who make it possible.
I hope you are all well and safe and smiling.

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