Saturday, August 19, 2017

To Add my Book to the Syllabus, or Not to Add....

   Any university/college student has encountered professors who add their books to the syllabus and either 1. never use it but are glad for the royalties t
o 2. over-emphasize its value.

    I am thrilled to offer the Poetry class again at a local tech college, where I have been an adjunct for 12 years. In other parts of the States, these two-year schools are called junior or community colleges, and offer not only greatly-reduced tuition, but the option for students to follow to a four-year school to complete a degree if they so choose.

     It is not that I imagine myself to stand beside or even near the poets we read. Towards the end of the semester we look at more contemporary poems, and I share some of what my poetic friends are doing in their books/ on the web. My first book, Places and Times, is affordable at $12 US or so. We look look at some f my sonnet cycles and some others.

     And I will sign it!

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