Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sir Roger Moore, RIP

    When I was in elementary school, I got to touch the James Bond car from Goldfinger. Of course Sir Sean Connery drove that one, not his successor. When the first change in Bonds occur ed, I was not upset. After all, my family had recently moved from one end of Pennsylvania to the other; I understood change. Also, I saw that Connery did not want to be typecast! Look what happened to Adam West after Batman!

     Moore was elegant, suave, intelligent and daring, as all Bonds are. He had unique spin to it, however, and while I could never be him, I did not envy him. I also liked him in The Wild Geese, where he played a Bond-like mercenary.

     The world is a little less elegant tonight, for several reasons (Manchester, England, but I will write about that later), and there is nothing as suave on the horizon. But there will be someone, I am sure.

      Here is the theme from my wife's favorite Bond movie, since action takes place in and around New Orleans.



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