What a Day, What a Day

     After I woke up I eased into everything,went for a thorough workout, and got prepared for the Open Mic at the Richland County Northeast Branch. That's right, the one I've been posting all over the place!

    Between the gym and the library, I checked on how my consignment books were doing at 302 Artisans in Columbia. http://www.302artisans.com/   I met the owners in September at the Bythewood Butterfly Festival, and we hit it off. I missed a local television station crew by a few minutes, but did discuss having a reading there in the coming months. In the back of my mind I am thinking about a March library regional author session, and an April fair.

     Not all of my student poets showed, and the general public did not show up, but we had a great time. I sold a few books but more importantly, helped nurture some young poets. They would have been fine anyway, but I am glad to have been there for and with them. Afterwards I spoke with the library about doing a workshop sometime.

     Back at home, I eventually got to the computer and found an invitation to become a moderator at Peppered Poets. PP considers itself to be a guild, where poets help each other perfect their craft. It is a wonderful idea, but it does require some time and commitment for everyone involved. since I consider it an honor to be asked, I accepted at once.

    Ironically, the timing is interesting. Yesterday I messaged a poet whom I respect . In the course of our conversation she noted she had not seen much from me. I explained how contractually, my publisher limits how much from the book I post. Other places to where I submit do not accept things already on the Internet. My comment to my friend was that I avoided sites, primarily on Facebook, that are "like-for-like" clubs. or are popularity contests. Take a look at the artists/writers whom I admire, and you can see why. Zappa, Waylon Jennings, Bukowski, et al.

    What a day, what a day!