Local Poet and Friend Pays a Visit at School

     Len Lawson visited two of my classes and the Blythewood Poetry Society this morning at the Blythewood High School in Blythewood, SC. He read some poetry, answered questions, and asked some himself. I am really proud of everyone, because they were very interested and respectful (I knew they would be).

     We met last summer at Ed Madden's Poetry Workshop in Columbia, SC, hosted by the Richland County Public Library. Since then we have heard each other read here and there. A poem of mine was included in a local poetry initiative about church burnings in the South,

     Len, Ed and I sell enough poetry books to keep our jobs. A student asked Len if he made a lot of money selling books.

Here is a link to Len's work:  http://www.lenlawson.co/

and to Ports Respond to Race (which can be accessed from the above link also: