Lovely Version of a Christmas Carol I Did Not Know

     One benefit of being on the road early Sunday mornings is the opportunity to listen to "the folk show on Sirius XM's "The Bridge". There used to be a separate channel, but that went the way of all radio channels with low ratings.

    Today I heard Steeleye Span's excellent recording of Edward Caswall's "See Amid the Winter's Snow" Originally a priest in the Church of England, Caswell was in the Oxford Movement and became a Roman Catholic priest. There are supposed to be some verses deemed "too Catholic" for Anglican and Protestant hymnals, but I could not find them.   Maddy Prior really lets loose on this one!

A brief bio on Casewall:

I include a picture of the Lady Chapel at St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church, Aiken SC, an Anglo-Catholic parish where I was fortunate to have filled in as supply priest for three weeks.