Rubber Soul is 50 Years Old

     I am not escaping from the headlines, necessarily, merely taking a break. The Bundestag will take a vote in my favorite city of Berlin that will have wide ramifications. Westminster had its vote yesterday, with a byelection in the Labour heartland. My family almost moved to San Bernardino 25 or so years ago.

     Rubber Soul marked a departure from the Beatles danceable music. The trend had been underway, but with this album there was a complexity about the music that made it all the more telling. Five years after the album's release I remember a high school dance where we all sat on the cafetorium floor and listened as though we were at a concert. The teachers panicked and thought we were holding a sit-in to protest something!

    "Norwegian Wood was the song John wrote to tell Cynthia that he was having an affair with Yoko. George's sitar was the first Western recording with that instrument. My favorite is "In My Life"; each year it etches itself deeper into my mind. 

   Thanks, Beatles!