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Can a picture connect various points of one's life?

Is "O Come, All Ye Faithful" ("Adeste Fidelis") subversive?

Winter Solstice song from Jethro Tull

"Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme" /"Sleepers Awake"

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Zappa and Beefheart "Torture Never Stops"

Jim Morrison Birthday 8 December 1943

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Rainier Maria Rilke born 5 December 1875

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Frank Zappa - 21 years since his passing

Mark Twain born 30 November 1835

A Lovely Tribute from Amrita Valan on Seriousl Lovers of Poetry

Pearls Before Swine's musical setting of W.H. Auden's "Footnote"

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Berlin Wall Opens

Significant Song Number 12

Significant Song Number 11

Dulce et decorum est

Sonnet for All Saints Day

Significant Song Number 10

31 October. Octopowrimo

28 October Octopowrimo

Dylan Thomas Centennary

Octopowrimo 27 October

26 October Octopowrimo

Octopowrimo 25 October

Continuation 23 October----Octopowrimo

22 October continuation Octopowrimo

Twelve Bridges Road- Draft Octopowrimo 21 October

Collaboration with Denise Baxter Yoder

20 October Octopowrimo

At the Lakeshore- 19 October OctopowrimoAcross the blue-green water before usAcross

14 October Octopowrimo

13 October Octopowrimo

10 October Octopowrimo

Octopowrimo 9 Oct

Octopowrimo 8 October


5 Octopowrimo

The Telos of Time

T.S. Eliot born 26 September 1888


Leonard Cohen from THE GUARDIAN

Ted Hughes' "Birthday Letters"

Bruce Springsteen's "Into the Fire"

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