Pete Townshend Turns 75


I am running a little behind on some events. Pete Townshend, guitarist and principal songwriter of The Who, turned 75 on 19 May. That's also the joint birthday of my son and grandson! 

   The first link is about his autobiography, which is superior to that of many a rock-and-roller. The second is to his author page on Goodreads (the first link is also from there. Not bad for a band whose early hit My Generation had the line  "Hope I die before I get old."

   Glad you didn't, Pete. I wish Roger the best, and RIP Keith and John.

Esther Rabbit: Paramornal Romance

Catfish Stew Virtual Reading, 21 May 2020, 6 PM Eastern Time US


If you miss it, it will be posted on the SCWA Facebook page! So thrilled about this!

Poetry from The Pangolin Review 16 - New!

Six Years of this Blog!

Sitting in during the pandemic, it is hard to think back to the time when I decided to set up this blog. Did the world need another blog, another poet, another poetry book? The answer would be "no" to all three questions.

     However, I would answer that I need to blog, write, and to publish. It is not primarily because of ego; rather it is that I want to share what is in me with others who seek the same things. That is what keeps me going.

    Whether this is your first time reading this blog, or if you come by from time to time, please comment! I would love to hear from you. Just under 130,000 hits have happened here from nearly 100 countries and the "Unknown Region". 

    I would love to meet more of you!


"Keeper of the Flame" As Timely Now as it Was in 1943

I saw this today on TMC. It's the first Tracy-Hepburn movie appearance. What really grabbed me was its relevance.  Hepburn's husband died in an automobile accident. He was a wealthy, super-patriotic national figure.

    He was also plotting with other wealthy and influential people to turn Americans against each other, pitting races, economic classes against each other, and fermenting anti-semitism and other forms of hatred.

    In 1943 the USA and its Allies fought against Fascism. This movie is relevant today also. Only the fascists are here. Yes, I know one has o be vigilant against the radical left. But look at who is marking around with weapons openly displayed, with Nazi symbols and KKK regalia. 

Virtual Reading at Carolina Poets May 7, 2020


    What a great evening! Many thanks to Carolina Poetsm especially to Kimberly Simms Gibbs, fellow poet!

     I shared the hour with long-time friend Catherine Zickgraf and new friend Arthur McMaster.

     Please share the video! If you would like a signed copy, please contact me. Below is the link to Amazon, but there are of course other vendors.