I Always Liked Charles II.......       Not only because he gave William Penn Land to start Pennsylvania and started South Carolina, but he was politically savvy. How else could he have survived the Interregnum?      The First Churchills  featured him prominently and piqued my interest in him and many other things about that era. This week I had some downtime, and I watched the four episodes of this series in two days. Wow!

Take a Break from Politics.....It Will Sort Itself Out

Image    The Trump Era will be over soon. Trumpism is sadly not over, but the healing can begin, even if some resist it.    Click on the links for some poetry.    

Something I Never Thought I Would See      It is not too far-fetched, and I sincerely pray it does not come to this. Given the climate that we have in the USA right now, and with 45 acting the way that he has been, I could see Proud Boys and their ilk trying to take over state capitols and failing to prevent President-elect Biden from taking the oath fo office next week (as he is legally entitled to do), trying to secede.      What will I tell my grandson when he asks about it later?      I am a proud Democrat and supported Joe Biden from the South Carolina primary on Had he lost, I would not be plotting against his opponent.       But this is sadly a different America than the one in which I was born. My prayer is that we get back on course. 

What a Disgrace! But America and Democracy Will Recover! What the Confederacy could never do, a group of malcontents and criminals did! Thank God Joe Biden will be president soon!!

I am not often poltiical, but....   My thanks to VP and Rep Cheney for doing the right thing. I am a confirmed Democrat, but I want a sane Republican Party. Let the Trumpists depart!

Haiku Books with a Message- Hifsa Ashraf