At Another Milestone for the Blog...Some Words

     Since this blog has passed the 25,000 hits milestone, I want to reflect on a thign or two and also comment on what I hope to do here. Impetus for the latter point is that some of the Indi Autor groups I have joined on Facebook currently highlight members' blogs, and I want to welcome some people.

     A writer friend described  a blog as a "place to let your freak flag fly", as opposed to a Facebook author page. That flag waves high and proudly here. Certainly I have talked about my first book of poetry, Places and Times, as I counted down to publication. Since 7 April 2015, I have chronicied various readings, signings, and the like.  I will do the same for future publications.

     "Some Poetry: Poetry and Thoughts by Arthur Turfa" explores my preferences in literature, music, and anything else that comes to mind. I try not to be political or to pontificate. It has been my good fortune to have traveled a lot, met some amazing people, to have had some extraordinary experiences/influences, and I want to share them with you.

    Of those 25,000+ hits, about 80% have been from the USA. The next three countries are Russia, Germany, and the UK. I do have some regular followers from Portugal, France, and India. In all, 66 countries have at one time or another logged on.

    I am also on Goodreads and Amazon for author pages. Check me out on Facebook, both my personal and professional page. On Google+ I have over 261,000 hits, several collections, and serve as a moderator on Words on Fire and Peppered Poets communities. You can also find me on Twitter and Weebly. The latter two mix in some of my school-related events. I am not going to give you a plethora of links. You are savvy enough to find me and if there is a glitch, contact me here.

    Please let me here from you! I love the contact and love finding out what influences you!