Saturday, November 2, 2019

A Very Unusual but Important Post

     We all are solicited in one way or another to contribute to a cause. In the US there are phone calls, either programmed or live, asking for money. There is e-mail spam, and hard copy spam in our mailboxes or mail slots.

     But this one is different. I know they all say that, but many of you who read this blog love literature and the arts. Many of you create in one way or another, perhaps even in several ways.

     Martha Magenta needs your help. She did not create this site. A friend did. For a few months Martha and I moderated the POETS community back in the Google+ days. I had known the before, and enjoyed her haiku and other Japanese verse forms.

     As I got to know her better,r I leaned that she is a caring, supportive, eminently fair person. Although she has won awards for her poetry, she does not self-promote or consider herself better than the rest of us.

    Cancer has returned, and Britain's NHS is not what it used to be. A contribution to this fund will enable her to receive the care she urgently needs now.

   Please share this. Keep her in your prayers and thoughts. If you know her, or even if you do not, contact her with your  messages of support. If you can make even a small contribution, please do so.

   I have contributed.

  Thank you!

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