Thoughts on David Bowie

    In between the anniversaries of his birth and death (8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016) I reflect on him and his impressive artistic scope . His music was always well-done and often impressive. No matter what there was about the lifestyle, clothing, or anything else, he was a musical genius.

   His fascination with Berlin gave me another way to appreciate him. Where are we Now? was a song I played for my German classes.  The Dschungel I knew was not the same as the one he mentioned, but I believe it was at the same location. One class and I had a debate about who
 to pronounce his last name; it turned out we were both right. 

   I also used his Heroes, which is at the top of my favorite songs. The concept of heroism has undergone some transformations, and usually they are not that positive. But the song did get students to think.

   It will be a logn while, if ever, that another David Bowie appears.