finished "Born to Run"- Read it!

   Last night I finished one of my Christmas presents, Bruce Springsteen's autobiography, Born to Run. Most rock and roll books of this genre detail drinking escapades, sexual encounters, a list of drugs taken, and then a repeat or two.

    Not so here. Bruce reveals his reluctance to drink any alcohol as a young man, his aversion to drugs, and some surprising revelations about his decades-long treatment for depression. He does n
ot blame anyone, even though it is a condition he inherited from his father Let me tell you, I had no idea what demons he fought.

   In spite of those demons, he made music that will endure. He also gives insight into his philosophy as a band leader. In an age of touchy-feely crap, he actually led. Not that he ignored anyone's advice; he listened and was able to separate his feelings from his vision. People could disagree with him but still remain beloved friends. That is simply remarkable.

   From the time I heard him first in 1975 until now, I am even more impressed with him. There are few people, artists or people I actually know, about whom I can say that.