Don Williams RIP

    When my future wife and I were dating, I learned to appreciate Don Williams. She had an eight track (all right, laugh if you want to) or two of him, and we would play them as we talked and got to know each other.

     I liked his easy style, the stories he told in a song, and liked his kind of country. I already liked what we would called Outlaw, but I did not like the slick, orchestrated kind of what some called Country & Western.

     About two years ago we saw Don at the Newberry Opera House in Newberry, South Carolina (a neat venue). He sat down for the concert but still gave an impressive show. At the end of the concert, he and his band bowed to the audience, which was giving him a well-deserved ovation. We were even more impressed by his action.

    Don belongs to a long tradition of story-telling songwriters. I use the present tense because what he did will endure. Thanks, Don!

From Pete Townsehnd and Ronnie Lane:
heck out the entire album!)