A Timely Poem

Normally I avoid current events in my poetry. Anyhting I mention is well after the fact, and usually indirect. But several things converged today, and while I was working out at the gym, saw somehting on CNN that put this on my heart.

I was fortunate to have seen Clemente play at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, and then at Connie Mack after he moved near Philadelphia. Off field he was also tremendous, and I mourn him each New Year's Day.

When the earth shook in Nicaragua
Roberto Clemente cancelled his plans
and intended to assure that aid would
not be denied to destitute people.
With cargo incorrectly-loaded, his
plane crashed off the coast of his beloved
island, becoming his watery grave.

What millionaire athlete flies to San Juan
or elsewhere on that shattered, sad island?
A barrage of tweets from private gold club
belittles the island and her people.

Arthur Turfa, ©2017