58% of Republicans Think College is Not Good for America

     No, this is not satire. This is not fake news. I would post this no matter what the majority was; I am not picking on Republicans. While the article starts off with the Pew Foundation poll, scroll down to see what some 2016 Republican candidates said during the primary season. Then shake your head.

     College simply costs too much in America. I am not advocating making it free. Some of the people who say we should be like Denmark are not aware in in European countries not every attends college or university.

     I see too many students saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. As a result, they find it difficult not only to pay it off, but to buy a house, have a decent car or truck, and most importantly save money for the future, especially for their children's education.

    Marco Rubio's comments in the article (link below) about vo-tech  education amaze me. We do need that education, but a two-year associate degrees are beneficial. I teach at a good high school, and am adjunct at a good technical college (that's what junior/community colleges are called in the Southern USA). A link about these degrees follows the first link.

     The anti-intellectual streak runs wide and deep in America. And intellectuals have been dead wrong on things in the past. But I simply cannot fathom how we can remain competitive as a nation if we do not encourage people to get as much education as they can handle, and make it accessible.

     These Republicans fail to realize that if we do not produce enough educated people, then we wil have to rely on immigration, and then the GOP can show its xenophobic side.

     At times I really think that they, and others, intend to destroy the middle class and keep most people permanently living from paycheck-to-paycheck while an oligarchy runs the show. Instead of bread and circuses, it is junk food and Fox TV.