Two great links here!

     For once, I am not talking about Places and Times, and what a nice holiday gift it would make. (definition of a Hungarian: someone who gets in a revolving door behind you but gets out in front of you)

    Jenna Le is a wonderful poet; I have never met her, but I have read her books. She is a physician in New York City and somehow finds time to write excellent poetry. I have used her works in my college poetry class.  - enter code HAULIDAY

    Carol Worthington-Levy and I met in our 8th grade Reading class. I believe I made some sarcastic comment to her about the class. We always knew that she would become and awesome artist and musician-vocalist. Many people are surprised that I turned out as well as I have.

    One of her works graces the cover of my book, and she is working on a cover for the next one. I am working on getting it published!