Three chapters into "Born to Run"

    I have heard a few segments on "E Street Radio" on SiriusXM where Springsteen reads from his autobiography. Today I received a copy for Christmas (thanks, Pam!), and the CD. After a few chapters,  I even more impressed.

  Springsteen mentioned two wrestlers from 1950s television: Bruno Sammartino (a good guy) and Haystack Calhoun, 600 pounds of bad guy.

   The descriptions of Freehold, NJ, are detailed and Springsteen's reflections about his childhood are very perceptive. I hope that will continue to be the case as I read more. What impresses me is how he can take the good out of a bad situation. He survived Catholic school education at a time when it was "hands on". While not a devout Catholic, nonetheless his spirituality is rooted in that religion, and is not too far away. Remember, I am Lutheran, so I do not profess to be an authority, although I am close enough to that part of Christianity to get what he means. 

   I hope to read some more before school starts!