RIP:, Paddy Ashdown

On this page I post different types of things. Reflecting on the current political crises in the USA, UK,. Germany, France, Eastern Europe, and elsehwere, good leaders are needed. The UK lost one today. 
Years ago a Penn State radio buddy who had studied in the UK told me the Liberals were the only sensible party, but had no chance. The Liberal Democrats under Paddy Ashdown bucked that trend; he himself gave solid leadrship and was respected by other parties.
To many Americans, "Liberal" is a dirty word, once that sets them into fits and causes even the more eloquent among them to sputter.
Paddy defied that stereotype. A Royal Marine commando with combat experience, he was a linquist and diplomant. . No one party owns patriotism. Rest in peace, Lord Ashdown.…/22/paddy-lord-ashdown-obituary

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