Nearing the End of a Year

     This is one of those years when the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve occur on the same day. While I realize not everyone observes these days, I do and for that reason, I see a deeper meaning than the religious one.

     In the middle of 2018, Saluda Reflections,  my third book of poetry, will come out from Finishing Line Press. As I prepare for that event, I am now looking for a new publisher for Accents. my second book of poetry. No need to dredge up that story. If nothing else happens, I have a plan that is not self-publishing, My main purpose is to keep a good book available.

     So I have two things going on at once also. And then what? There are a few irons in the fire. No matter what happens next, I want to sharpen my poetic skills. I intend to experiment a little more (likely not tanka), and read a little more as I promote my books.

     Already I have about half of a chapbook's worth of poems, but I want to see what else I can do before I look at another book. Certainly I will keep submitting to journals and anthologies.  Thanks for reading! I also appreciate how some of you dig into the archives.

     Below is the picture by Carol Worthington Levy that became the cover for Places and Times. It got me thinking about writing poetyr again.