Tom Petty, RIP- Belated Remarks

     Among the many excellent things about the late Tom Petty was how good songs were matched with equally good videos. He breathed new life into rock and roll, while putting his own personal stamp on the genre.

    He always seemed to have fun. The Travelling Wilburys showed that, and his Buried Treasure show on Sirius X
M's Deep Tracks was a place where he shared the music he enjoyed. Never one to be vain, Tom played all sorts of music by other artists. It was a peek into his mind, and the show was fun.

     A colleague and friend of mine came to tom's house in Malibu for several months to teach high school English to Tom's stepson  (I believe he was recuperating from an injury). My friend said that Tom and the entire family was very gracious to her and treated her as one of their own. They did not have to do that, but it shows the kind of person he was.

    For the song below, I chose "The Last DJ". Long gone are the radio stations where you could call the DJ, and where the DJ could play what he or she wanted. There might be some of the latter left, but they are a rarity. We are better off playing the music ourselves.

    Tom, we will miss you. Give our best to Roy and George. Thanks for everything!